DO YOU HAVE KEYWORD RICH TITLE POSTS?:-They get great rankings on Google!


Especially with great body content created from Jaaxy

You can appeal to the appetite of the Google search engines with the low hanging fruit keywords through a free to sign up keyword search tool called ‘Jaaxy‘.

Jaaxy will give you the sweet low hanging fruit keywords that not only Google but also Bing and Yahoo search engines gravitate to.

They eat them up and spit out unbelievable great rankings for your websites. You will be so excited and proud to see your site hitting first page on these search engine kings.


If you don’t know how to search, let Jaaxy do it for you!

Jaaxy is a keyword rich research tool that is free to start and very simple to use on the Wealthy Affiliate platform. Absolutely no complications, it’s totally 1..2..3..Search it.!!

You can also get free access to try it out for yourself on the platform that masters the use of Jaaxy. As a free starter member you get 30 searches but hey! you will love this tool so much that you will want to upgrade. I’m certain of it, but no pressure, in your own time and at your own pace.

Many new members become pros using Jaaxy on the Wealthy Affiliate platform because it is worth the investment and produces great results with your posts.

Keyword research is simplified with Jaaxy, so you no longer have to assume that it is technical work to find great low hanging fruit, rich keywords that gives your posts the edge of advantage in competition.


Product name:- Jaaxy

Nature:- Keyword Research

Owners:- Kyle and Carson

Cost:- Free for starter member 30 searches,

In fact let me just show you a snap shot of the prices and what they offer here:-

STARTER: best to try Jaaxy service

Starter Trial

 30 Keyword Searches
 20 Search Results
 Website Analyzer
 Affiliate Program Finder
 Keyword List Manager
 Brainstorm Idea Feed
 Keyword Competition Data
 1x Speed
 Affiliate Program
 30 SiteRank Analysis Scans

Pro: Most popular for New websites


Everything From STARTER
 Sortable Search Results
 Unlimited Search History
 Search Analysis
 Manual QSR Search
 Manual Domain Search
 Alphabet Soup (15/letter)
 2x Multi-Threaded Search
 2K SiteRank Analysis Scans

Enterprise: for Power users


Everything From PRO
 35 Search Results
 5x Speed
 Automated QSR
 Automated Domain Search
 Alphabet Soup (50/letter)
 5x Multi-Threaded Search
 Unlimited Keyword Lists
 10K SiteRank Analysis Scans



Overall Ranking:- 8 out of 10


These are some advantages and the one disadvantage of using Jaaxy.


  • Jaaxy is user-friendly with its easy access to search for any keyword title for your content
  • You have teaching videos through the WA platform on how to research keywords
  • The ability to organize them into different categories, from low hanging to average.
  • Save and build your keyword list for ready to use titles with your next post.
  • Free to get started, no pressure to try it out.
  • You get to experience the art of great content creation through rich search engine, pallet able keywords.


* It Takes effort in understanding some terminologies used, for example:- QSR,(quoted search result) KQI,(keyword quality indicator) and SEO but the training is easy and will explain what these mean. SEO means Search Engine Optimization. Speaking about search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo who loves great content with rich Keywords.


  • Main Search
  • Site Rank

  • Affiliate Program
  • Jaaxy Help


The software is equipped with four menu features, (1). You got your main search, (2). Site rank (to check your site’s position in search engines), (3). Affiliate program to promote Jaaxy if you so desire, (4). Jaaxy help for when you need support and guidance going forward.

The Sub Menu:-

In the sub menu area you have the ability to (1). Search via alphabet soup method (you will learn this when you are inside) (2). Build your keyword list for great titles to your posts (3). Review your search history (4). Check out your search analysis and (5). Brainstorm.

Jaaxy is designed and equipped as an effective tool to help both beginners and professionals in creating quality search engine worthy posts that will attract traffic and produce revenue.

You can not miss your target when you invest in this product, as you move forward to the success of your online business endeavors.

What you should be aiming for is first page ranking in Google and other search engines. So the keywords with quoted search results (QSR) below 100 are the ideal ones to put in your list. These are the ones known as ‘low hanging fruit‘ keywords because they have the potential to score big on search engines with quality content to spice them up.


As soon as you start your free membership with Jaaxy to try it out, you have access to training videos on how it is used and the benefits of using it begins to come clear. I will share a training video below:-


You will begin to see the value of this tool, as you go through the simple and easy video training while building out your marketing campaign. Here is an example search you can do for yourself. I don’t want to just tell you, when I can show you an example below:-

Start your sample Jaaxy keyword search here:-

I am a user of Jaaxy myself and although I am still learning, the sky is the limit with this software. You are always exposed to new avenues and experiments that you can perform with keywords, using this tool. Basically all of my posts that are ranked on first page of Google were created using Jaaxy to get their keyword rich titles.

It is totally awesome and the best part is you can try it out for free and see for yourself. Check it out (here)


In my conclusion, I want to say that Jaaxy would be my number one keyword search tool because it is very simple to use. It also has a risk-free option since you pay nothing to start and get familiar with how it works and it’s benefits

What are some of your experiences with other keyword research tools that you may know about?

If you are a Jaaxy user yourself, what do you think about it?

You can submit your views, input or questions below and let us engage in sharing this post and comments to help somebody.


Be blessed, live long and prosper!







8 Replies to “DO YOU HAVE KEYWORD RICH TITLE POSTS?:-They get great rankings on Google!”

  1. minhaj ahmed

    Hi Dave

    I agree ,Jaaxy is an incredible keyword tool that can help you find low competition keywords.This is one of my favourite keyword research tools,what I also like about Jaaxy is that it comes some incredible features like SiteRank and affiliate program finder. Thanks for this review

    • David

      You are welcome Minhaj.!!
      I appreciate that you stopped by to visit this post, and that i was able to put this awesome keyword research product out there. People can make an educated decision when they are exploring keyword research tools that can provide easy access to the best keywords for their content creation. Jaaxy is the ideal software that will elevate their endeavors for success in their online blogging business.
      Great to have you here and remember to share.
      Much success to you going forward as well.

  2. Queen

    Nice one David! I am also an ardent user if Jaaxy. Words are not enough to speak of the wonders of this tool. Its functions are limitless and i dont think there is any other compared to it. Always leading us to the low hanging fruits! Talk of the alphabet soup! I havent even started exploring that yet. Its amazing what this keyword tool can do to boost one’s content. People need to try it to trully understand its awesomeness.

    • David

      Hey Queenie!!
      How are you?
      Glad to see that you stopped by, you are welcome. So you like using Jaaxy as well, I see that you are enjoying it too. I can not find anything compared to it either. It is absolutely awesome and works wonders all the time with rich low hanging fruit keywords that gives your content great rankings. Yes, I am putting this post out there that people can know the ideal tool to use and to help them make and educated decision going forward in improving their business in content writing.
      Again, great to see you!
      All the best in your business as well

  3. Martin

    Hi David,
    Thank you for putting together this very thorough and informative review. I am an active Jaaxy user, and really don’t know how I would manage my business without it. Your review does a very good job of showcasing how Jaaxy can assist and benefit your community and online businesses. I agree with you it’s very had to look past this product.
    Given the competitive edge of the online business, Jaaxy provides bloggers with a clear advantage, and a competitive edge to help improve and move any business forward.

    • David

      Yes indeed Martin!
      Jaaxy is the tool that gives the online blogger that needed competitive edge. I am very appreciative of the fact that you took time out to come and help me emphasize this fact to the online business community. Considering the aggressiveness of the competition for strong, rich, and search engine worthy content posts out there. Jaaxy is the tool that will make the writer becomes a cut above the rest. You being a user yourself know how important it is to have this tool and I’m glad you are here to help me share the word and help someone else.
      All the best in your endeavors with your business as well!

    • David

      Yes it is Ulrika!
      Jaaxy is indeed awesome and on of the great thing about it is that you can create quality domains that can be purchased simply by your own Jaaxy research. You can rest assured that you will be getting truly great value for your subscription and the level you can afford, because it will be worth it. Thanks for your visit and it is my pleasure to help spread the word of Jaaxy out there.

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