HOW TO EARN RESIDUAL INCOME ONLINE :- Starting with two free websites.


Easy, push-button, automated start up and ready to build out.

Years ago website creation wasn’t this easy. It would take several weeks to get your website up and live on the world wide web, let alone building it out with quality and valuable search engine friendly content.

With modern technology today as the industry improves, this has become more advanced and easier to accomplish. Now you can learn how to earn residual income online and the icing on the cake is with two free websites up, live and ready to build out in seconds. Awesome isn’t it?

From my Wealthy Affiliate Platform review post, you can see a video on creating free websites in seconds here:-


Your sky-scraper needs a firm base structure.

Being successful in anything that you do will require dedication and hard work on laying a firm foundation. I remember when my father was building his house, the workers had to dig several feet into the ground first then solidify it. From there they would build upwards, they say that when storms or hurricanes come the structure would be strong.

Excavator at construction site

If you want to secure a solid financial future for your family, it is advisable to follow this same principle. I want to direct you to a systematic training resource through Wealthy Affiliate university, that when you apply these principles and guidelines with some dedication, commitment and serious work ethics on your part. Pretty soon you will begin to see your sky-scraper climbing to success.

You will be running and managing your own online business while still training and learning, so efforts will be demanded, but don’t worry! you will have all the support and assistance from successful entrepreneurs in your network and community as your journey ahead improves.

Affiliate Marketing is one of the most inexpensive way to start earning an income online without having to create or market your own product. Of course there are other options of having your own business, like franchising with large parent companies e.g. McDonald’s etc. I’m not even going to mention MLM because I’ve been there and done that with no success.

To start a franchise, you’ll have to come up with at least $30.000 let alone to set it up with everything you need so you can make a profit. The Wealthy Affiliate Program will help you lay your foundation the best way possible as it is one of the most technologically advanced and progressive system in the Affiliate Marketing industry.


Master your use of social media.


With the access to social media at an arm’s length in today’s society, you can most certainly make engagement be the goal of your content on your websites. If you are a person with lots of followers and friends, this is where you can maximize traffic for communication and conversion. Search engines like Bing, Yahoo and Google loves to see engagement and activity on your websites.

Social media networks tree

You can install and activate your social media plugins with their icons e.g. Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, Instagram, and google plus. That will give you the capacity for maximum use of social engagements.

You will ultimately begin to generate more traffic and traffic means more conversions as you become an authority website in Google rankings.

Your friends will be able to share your website and your content to their network because you are trusted to create quality content, flowing out of your passion for the things that you care about. Google and other search engines will be happy to see engagement and activity on your website.

You can just imagine the amount of traffic and conversions you will be getting at this point, can you now see the potential of you being on the beach in Bahamas drinking coconut water while your sky-scraper is growing?

Of course this means you’ll have to keep the conversation going with all that engagement so be sure to get back to your commentaries and questionnaires with your timely and sincere responses, even if you have to set up Auto-Responder. You don’t want your audience feeling neglected.


Using quality content and conversion.

As your website continues to grow with quality content and engagement, conversion will increase, so will your rankings with search engines and therefore your website becomes an authority. A brand that your audience can trust, that is the reason why social media and advertising are so important.

Here is a video on creating quality content that converts:-

WATCH VIDEO: Creating Readable Content That Converts

I can not exhaust enforcing to you the importance of creating quality engageable content, it is as important as laying your strong foundation and advertising. The Wealthy Affiliate system and training in their Affiliate Program have the most incredibly geared towards success classrooms and courses on this subject.

You don’t even have to worry about paying tons of cash, you can start for free. You will not only have the ability to create quality content but be able to build them in such a way that will upscale your rankings, therefore producing high conversions. Don’t short-change yourself, explore your potentials. See yourself further than where you are now, you can do this!

                                                                        YES YOU..!

If you have something that you are passionate enough about to talk or write to your audience fluently and naturally, just as if you are talking to your friend in the coffee shop. Then along with this training you can create your website pertaining to such subject and help people, ‘ta daa’ you have just discovered your ‘niche’.

Here are a few tips on finding your ‘niche’ :-

You can also see a video here, click on image below:-

Now you should be good to go with your content writing as it will begin to flow naturally once you start, trust me on this because it is happening to me right now. I feel like I could just keep writing and writing on and on like the energizer bunny in the commercial, but at some point I know that I have to stop, grammar check and upload this post.

My content writing system will automatically check grammar and help me correct them with the click of a button. Awesome isn’t it?

Doing research on your particular passion and taking notes should be a breeze for you and becomes added content material, just be sure to make it your own words. Write/type your content yourself, do not copy and paste nor (as they say in high school or college) plagiarize.

Search engines will detect it as duplicate content and it will hurt your rankings and trust going forward. That will not sit well with your website on the journey to becoming a successful authority.


The power of campaigns and advertising.

Your sky-scraper website at this point, now has the potential to become like the Empire State Building, and you would have created your own empire in the online world. Powerful advertising campaigns can now be set in place. The power of pay-per-click (PPC) and other services like Google Ad-sense will begin to produce lucrative residual income for you online.

Check out the Wealthy Affiliate University Here :-


Let your content flow, and do not suddenly promote a product that has no relevance to your content. Remember to also ensure your website has proper navigation in terms of pages/posts that are engageable and working. Nothing disappoints your audience more than to click on something and it says, ‘Page Not Found’ let alone search engines.

Fast and easy navigation will let search engines love you and when they love you, your empire is on it’s way to making you financially secure.

Cheers! and be blessed!                            

See you later, and make sure to leave any questions or comments below. Even your input on this subject will be appreciated and I will be sure to keep you engaged.


4 Replies to “HOW TO EARN RESIDUAL INCOME ONLINE :- Starting with two free websites.”

  1. Brittany

    Great article! I appreciate that this isn’t a “get rich quick” pitch. Thank you for outlining the process and providing extra reading and viewing material. I hope to be able to work anywhere from my laptop someday!

    • David

      Yes Brittany!
      That’s the general idea, and that’s what most people looking for a secured financial future desires. Unfortunately not many of us are willing to put in the dedication, effort and commitment it takes from us now to reach there. Some of us don’t believe that it’s about doing something now, that your future self will thank you for, the day you started.
      Thanks for stopping by and for being one of the one’s with the right perspective.
      Cheers!…live long and prosper!

  2. Derek Marshall

    Hi David,

    This was a great read and thank you kindly for creating and sharing it with us all. Way too many, and I mean waaaaaaaay too many get into affiliate marketing (which I love). Thinking everything is easy and going to be a breeze – It’s not! It is freaking hard work! To begin with it is freakishly hard work! The good thing is that it only gets easier with time as certain tasks like content creation we can outsource. It is exactly and precisely as you say it..lay the solid, rock solid foundation to begin with and use that as the bedrock and platform from which to succeed!.

    Personally, I think that beginners should keep in mind that no niche site ever started out as a success (or the site owners for that matter!). They worked hard, never gave up and continued to improve both their sites and their skills and became a success,

    • David

      Precisely Derek!

      People like you and I who know what the real deal is when we say we are building a secured financial future, need to share what it takes. It’s time to stop letting unscrupulous others prey on the ignorance of those who are just starting out in effort to make even one sale online. Let the world know what it really requires, Rome was never built in one day. It took blood sweat, tears and maybe even some loss of lives. Well, not to go overboard here since there might not be blood and loss of lives in creating an online business. I’m just making illustration on the seriousness of this issue. You have to treat your business like it was a brick and mortar until it produces. Then you can go relax on the beach in Bahamas.

      Thanks for stopping by.

      Live long and prosper!


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