MY WEALTHY AFFILIATE PLATFORM ANALYSIS —Boldly taking Affiliate Marketers into the future.

AFFILIATE MARKETING- The final frontier.

These are the voyages of the Wealthy Affiliate Platform, I used to love watching “Star Trek” you can tell by the way I open this Wealthy Affiliate 2018 review. However, this is not fiction but my hands on experience and honest opinion of the Wealthy Affiliate online marketing product.

A network and platform of successful and aspiring business owners. Basically I want to present my honest opinion of what I believe this platform can do for anyone with the desire to either start, improve or put their online business into high gear.


Whether you are a newbie online or an experienced veteran in Affiliate Marketing, the Wealthy Affiliate platform presents an intricate capacity of room and availability to help you grow as a business owner.

Just as the USS ENTERPRISE in Star Trek is always exploring space, the platform at Wealthy Affiliate is always evolving, improving and exploring the frontier of Affiliate Marketing.


  • Name:- Wealthy Affiliate
  • Owners:- Kyle and Carson (Captains)
  • Website url:- (
  • Training:- 9.8 out of 10
  • Website Building:- 9.5 out of 10
  • Support:- 10 out of 10
  • Research Tools:- 8 out of 10
  • Word-Press Hosting:- 9.8 out of 10
  • Success Stories:- 8.0 out of 10
  • Price:- Starter member (free), premium membership only ($49/month or $359/year)
  • Ratings:- 8.9 out of 10

You can always count on the quick responses of the Wealthy Affiliate online business building platform and supportive community to help you create, improve and explore your income generating possibilities in the space of Affiliate Marketing.

CAPTAIN’S LOG- WEALTH AFFILIATE TRAINING MODULES- Amazing formats and videos to suit your needs.

The training at W.A. is simple, strait-forward and easy to follow. You literally can open another window on your browser to apply what you are learning while building out your website with content and navigation pages.

This happens right then and there as you are learning from the instructional videos. These step by step videos can be replayed, paused and listened to while you are working at home either on your website or doing chores at the same time and at your own pace.

You can grow your own business as you get support instantly from the live chat 24/7, from the Q&A platform or (private message) anyone of the successful experts and trainers in the community if you get stuck.

Readable training can be accessed here:- ‘The Customer Purchase Life Cycle’

You have 24/7 access to:

  • World wide community help and support
  • Ongoing live chat room
  • Training courses, videos and tutorial classrooms
  • Weekly live, interactive training webinars-available replays if you missed it
  • Ability to PM (private message) current successful experts and trainers in the community
  • Add anyone in the platform and community to your network
  • Excellent keyword research, niche marketing assistance and SEO (search engine optimization) training
  • < get your access to the most advance, progressive and success oriented training here>

CAPTAIN’S LOG- WEALTHY AFFILIATE COMMUNITY-Great, proficient, on the spot support and help.

The community at W.A. displays exemplary character, resilience and integrity of conduct among their peers. A great place to feel at home away from home. The is always somebody else who can identify with your personal struggles and pitfalls in efforts to make it in the online world.

Actually the best platform and community I’ve seen after many years of trial and error in the Affiliate Marketing space. ONLINE REVENUE BUILDER was created under the amazing tutor-ledge and mentor-ship of this great community.

You have unlimited access to:-

  • Creators Kyle and Carson plus tons of other experts and leaders
  • Successful ambassadors and top trainers on the platform/community
  • Live chat room 24/7 ongoing
  • Networking and fellowship with a global community
  • Social and supportive engagements on your blogs/contents
  • Strict spam-free environment
  • Live interactive help and support
  • Re-playable interactive training webinars
  • Classrooms
  • Kyle and Carson: Captains, leaders and creators who you don’t have to make appointments to talk to. They are always willing and ready to go the extra mile for the financially successful future of others. They are active in the community and available for pm (private messaging) if needs be.
  • Free Starter Membership: There is a free version you can try out before you decide whether or not you want to shift gears into hard drive. Even with this you get two free websites to host and build, now personally I’ve always been cautious with anything that says free. Usually they still charge you for something later. Wealthy Affiliate is worth it though and far less inexpensive comparing to other platforms, if you decide to put it into high gear after your trial.

  • No more payment beyond $49/month: Have you ever seen a program or service presenting their price with an * beside it? I have, and it usually means you will end up paying more than they say. Well the W.A. buck stops at $49/month, you even get your first month for only $19 if you decide to go premium during your trial. You can’t beat that anywhere..!!
  • Hosting: First class and extremely affordable hosting beginning with two free websites as a starter member. Then if you choose to continue, up to 50 websites as a premium member. I have an existing website being hosted else where before I met W.A. and you can bet your bottom dollar I’m moving it here, because I have the ability to do so under the same management and fees of your membership. How cool is that? You can’t beat this value anywhere else.
  • Information overload:- Well here we go! Building my personal “niche” website and my Wealthy Affiliate Boot-camp website (to promote their Affiliate Program) while going through all the training courses at the same time is information overload and time consuming. However, everyone manages their time differently. If you can manage to put in the time and still do other things being multi-tasked then more power to you. Anything worth having requires commitment and dedication.
  • Efforts are demanded:- Those are the only two “Cons” I can think of right now.

CAPTAIN’S LOG:-WEALTHY AFFILIATE BOOT-CAMP:-Lucrative Recurring Affiliate Program.

You have the ability to start earning income immediately with your affiliate link, even while you are still going through training in Affiliate Boot-camp. This is real deal earning while you are still learning, almost like a paid internship if you promote W.A. with your very own affiliate link to your social media and friends.

See, I’m giving you ideas already..! To me, that is just awesome. W.A. members can greet success right from the get go, especially if they already have a stream of followers on social media.

Commission paid on your referral is 50%, plus this course contains more advance Affiliate Training Modules as you grow through the steps of:-

  • Starting your foundation
  • Content keywords and conversion
  • Giving your website social value
  • Getting branded as an authority site through social media and advertising
  • Maximizing your referrals and conversions
  • Google, Yahoo, Bing and the power of pay per click (PPC)
  • Scaling PPC up to successful, lucrative and powerful campaigns


Choose from a long list of different modern theme designs to create your free websites in just the click of a button, fully automated, easy building and live right away. Then manage and grow your websites with easy step by step training videos and courses to give your website body, content and navigation posts and pages. Suited for the pleasure of search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing.

Check out a video on easy website creation here:-

Building Your Website in 30 Seconds, Literally


Real Deal or no Real Deal?

Yes..!! Real deal, it sure is the genuine thing. I’d say a 10 out of 10 if you ask me and if you are ready to dance with the stars and to boldly go where no one has gone before.

I have found the W.A. platform to be completely trustworthy and honest in helping people who sign up for their online support and classes in building their own financial freedom future.

Their business training modules, classes and guidelines are easy to apply, honest and have the capacity to produce success upon the application of the individual.

The Fruit Of Application:-

The fruit of application is success and can only be achieved by doing the work and committing to it. Just like the glory of the banana which is not seen while it is in the skin. The glory of the banana is the meat within. You have to physically peel the skin off to enjoy the fruit. Start peeling your banana:-

Guess what! I also got a free bonus for you if you decide to go premium during your seven day trial. Plus a discount on your first month, just make sure you PM (Private Message) me on my profile below.

After you set up your profile, I will reach out to you with my congrats and welcome along with information on how to claim your bonus.

If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to express them below and I will be glad to help you out. You can also message me on my profile here:-

Don’t be a stranger now..!!

Let’s set our co-ordinates for warp drive and…..”ENGAGE”


David @<>

4 Replies to “MY WEALTHY AFFILIATE PLATFORM ANALYSIS —Boldly taking Affiliate Marketers into the future.”

  1. Nathan

    Wealthy Affiliate is a great place to start when building your business online even if you have ZERO knowledge about site building and affiliate marketing. Their training style is beginner friendly and there’s no limit to what you can do with the knowledge you get from them.

    This is an awesome review David. Good luck!

    • David

      Thank you Nathan!
      I agree with you, Wealthy Affiliate also presents an awesome supportive community of helpers that are always ready to assist if anyone gets stuck in the training. There are many platforms for affiliate marketing but I have yet to find one as family and user friendly as Wealthy Affiliate. I give this platform two thumbs up!

  2. Queen

    Very nice review David. I like the video on the process of building a website. There is one very common thing i have come to realise from people in this platform, they never say anything about get rich quick, its always emphasis on hardwork and persistence. That atleast puts my mind at ease that they are genuine. But if i may ask, the free websites di i still ger to keep them if i do not join premium?

    • David

      Thanks for your input Queen!
      Yes, this WA platform is training with the right motives that brings real results. Lots of programs out there only prey on people’s tendency to love shinny things and false promises of get money fast. The real deal ones like WA make you go through the grind, because the truth is, anything worth having in the end will cost you some sacrifice, dedication and commitment.
      Yes, you still get to keep your free websites if you don’t join premium. You also have the ability to share them on your favorite social media, so you can have traffic. However, going premium is when you are ready for the big deal and to create your online empire. With all the equipment available for your success with only $49/month you can’t lose. Premium is for those who are ready to win, like you and I.
      Well, good to hear from you Queen
      Cheers! and all the best in your business!

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