Sell other company’s physical product or digital product.

Starting your own online business where you can sell products created and stored, packaged and shipped by other companies is not as hard as most people think. You can also sell digital products created by others as well.

To begin with, you don’t have to handle any product inventory. There is a false impression that most people have when it comes to selling physical products online. They think they have to own products to sell, and that they have to package and ship to their customers themselves.

It’s just a matter of knowing how to sell products online without inventory (having your own products stored up). You can either sell physical products from companies like Amazon, Ebay and Shopify or it can be digital products from ClickBank. You can even do both.


The Wealthy Affiliate Way.

You will see how easy it is to sell other people’s or other company’s products online after you have been trained by the Wealthy Affiliate system. It is so easy that you don’t even have to complete the whole training before you can start selling products and services.

You can start your website/e-commerce store almost immediately as your training commence. Your products can be introduced and promoted from your website, but your vendor and distributor is responsible for shipping and delivering the product to your customers.

It is even easier if you are selling digital products from ClickBank. Your customers’ product will be delivered right on their computer. ClickBank has the most globally established online inventory list of digital products to market from right now. That’s lots of products that the Wealthy Affiliate training can teach you how to sell, because there is a way to do it successfully.

A huge part of which is making sure you sell a product that is within the range of your particular ‘Niche’. For example, if you are writing/blogging about rice, you can not sell apples. People will see that you don’t know what you are doing and you will lose the trust of your audience.


They teach you the ropes.

You can do drop shipping. This is when you have a wholesale supplier that manages inventory, Ebay, Amazon etc. The customer orders from your website, then you send the order details to the supplier. The supplier will ship the product to your customer.

“The Customer Purchase Life Cycle” is readable training you can access right away from the post below:-

My Wealthy Affiliate Analysis

With the Wealthy Affiliate training, you will be able to be certain that your online product selling experience is the best possible one, with results. This is important because you have to be sure that you establish good trust and relationships with your customers and your suppliers.

Set up a system of prompt responses when any comments, questions or concerns comes up from your customers. Especially when your business starts to escalate, you will need to set up some type of auto-responding system. That is why getting properly trained is so important.

The training at Wealthy Affiliate is fully equipped to get you up and running with your online store, whether you are a newbie, or experienced. Experienced or not, you can be comfortably starting to make passive income online, selling other people’s and company’s product right from home.

Through the training in Wealthy Affiliate classrooms, you will see how starting an online store today to sell products is simpler than you thought.


Using Google Adwords and advertising.

Marketing skills will be acquired by you at the highest level of training and will be implemented by you as you grow, because marketing is very strategic to the growth of your business.

You are a business owner now, even though you are not selling your own products.

For any new or experienced business owner, marketing is always that part of our business that we sometimes get intimidated by. However, we know how important marketing is to the health and future of any thriving business.

Learn how to generate free traffic by search engine optimization (S.E.O.) while using your social media to advertise at the same time.

Advertising on Google Adwords would also enhance your traffic capabilities and spike up your customer list as well.

Some different types of marketing skills that you will learn includes:

    • Pay Per Click Marketing.
    • Local Marketing
    • Social Engagement and Marketing
    • Email Marketing
    • Keyword, Niche and Marketing Research
    • Video Marketing

Your advertising must be effective in terms of appeal to your customers. You can use the ad-copy method which is effective as the first point of contact with your prospective customers.

As you become good at writing ad-copies through the training, you will have high traffic conversions with Google Adwords, Yahoo search engine or any other pay per click search engines.


You can network in your local area through your family and friends, exchanging services with local businesses. Advertising your business in the yellow pages, local news papers and direct mailings are things that you have to get your hands on for yourself.

If you are just starting out and want to get your first local customer, you will want to have a good reputation and integrity going forward. This is worth more than gold, because you need to be honest with your customers and don’t be afraid to go the extra mile for them.

As a consumer as well, I would want my service person/company to go the extra mile for me, wouldn’t you?

Service of excellence is required in establishing good marketing strategies for your business.


Keys to your advertising.

Creating a Facebook business page will be an integral part of your advertising campaign. You can post your content on your business page and on your timeline as well. It is very possible that someone will not only like your page, but will also engage in your business and purchase your product.

When creating your business page, be sure you name it after your website/e-commerce store so that no duplicate page will be in the Facebook data base.


You will need to be able to construct an email campaign, do this through the training from the class room at Wealthy Affiliate.

Being able to build them in such a way that it holds the interests and stimulates the actions of your prospective customers, is key to your successful advertising.

Email messages must be tested and optimized that consumers will find them helpful. They must also encourage repeat purchasing from your customers to build lasting relationships.

Set up auto responding service as your customer base increases to accomodate your ability to respond promptly. This is necessary for your customers so that they don’t feel like they are left in limbo and no one cares for them. They need to feel supported as it builds trust and good relationship.

They will spread the word around on their network and that means more traffic and sales for you.

Get your expertise and success training guide to selling products online without having your own inventory here


Get awesome traffic from Youtube videos.

This program is so awesome that you will even learn how to get unstoppable traffic from Youtube videos. You can market your products through Youtube videos by starting a Youtube channel like I did.

Make sure you name your channel in the same vein as the title of your website. It’s easy to start a Youtube channel and find a quiet room where you can upload your videos from.

There is another way you can do Youtube marketing, but this is after you have much revenue going forward. This method will cost you a little investment.

Find a video that advertises something or solve a problem in relation to your product. Send a private message to the account holder of that video saying that you are interested in buying their account.

If you both come to the terms of an agreement and everything goes through, you can then change the username and password to yours.

Put your business url to the video and get thousands of viewers and prospective customers that will convert to purchasing your product. You’ll be glad you did!

Well that’s it for now, happy online revenue creating and please comment, ask questions or write your concerns below. I will be happy to respond promptly.

Cheers to a good life and prosperity!


4 Replies to “SELL PRODUCTS ONLINE WITHOUT INVENTORY:- The Wealthy Affiliate Way.”

  1. Dave

    Sound straightforward enough. I tried this once by building a site using HTML templates for pages (this was a bit of a disaster – I would now only look to WordPress or Jumula). It took me forever to create a page and then I couldn’t understand why nothing was working. I learned so much from that – now I understand “content is king”.

    • David

      Yes indeed Dave!
      Building your websites has improved dramatically these days. The Wealthy Affiliate platform has made it literally a no brainer with their system. In thirty seconds your website will be live and you are ready to find products to sell, or market your own. Whatever the individual’s situation is, the platform here makes it so much easier.
      Thanks for stopping By!
      Live long and prosper!

  2. Nathan

    There are lots of things you can learn at Wealthy Affiliate. The potential is literally limitless. Thank you for pointing out all the benefits of being a WA member. Those are all really important to achieve success in the online world. I haven’t tried video marketing just yet,so maybe I’ll take a peek at it. Thanks.

    • David

      Hey Nathan!
      Glad to have you stopping by Again to another of my posts!
      You are always welcome. I agree with you, the potential at Wealthy Affiliate is vast. Especially since you don’t have to only be an affiliate in their system. You also have the capacity to maximize your potential in e-commerce business as well. Whether you have your own product or not. The training there are geared to cover these aspects as well, plus there are members of the community from around the world that are experienced in these areas and are willing to share their expertise.
      Thanks again and all the best in your endeavors!

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